Mission Pakistan Fit

  • Our mega-project is about dealing with the social issue of obesity and overweight, which is a significant threat to the lives of people nowadays. Therefore, it needs to be prevented.
  • We will be providing proper nutritional assessment with diet plans and follow-ups to the people at risk (BMI >25)
  • We will be charging rupees 300 per patient, and we will be using the collected amount to feed the hungry children of our society.
  1. Reaching the target audience: Contacting the people through in-person meetings, phone calls, texts or emails to make them aware of this social issue and convince them to join us in this noble cause.
  2. Bringing awareness to people: Through social media, i.e., Facebook/Instagram pages, posters and flyers etc.
  3. Knowing their needs and health status: Asking about the details from patients to provide them assessment accordingly.
  4. Nutritional assessments and diet plans: Based on the information taken from patients, we will provide proper nutritional assessment and diet plans to them.
  5. Counselling and follow-ups: Later on, follow-ups and counselling would be done for the patients to ensure regular medical check-up and increase the chances of a positive outcome.
  6. Keeping proper record: The data of patients would be kept in the record which will be presented in the mega project presentation as well as an estimated change in the lifestyle of people would be calculated in the end from the record kept.
  • Creating and maintaining Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Making poster and flyer for bringing awareness.
  • Counselling of the patients
  • Convincing people to be part of our project
  • Follow-ups for the patients
  • Contacting people and convincing them to be part of this noble cause.
  • Nutritional assessment and diet plans
  • Convincing people
  • Getting in touch with more and more people and convincing them
  • Keeping fair records of patients as well as the amount collected.
  1. Submitted the finalized mega-project proposal
  2. Arranged a group meeting with the program associate to discuss the proposal
  3. Made template diet plans for different patients.
  4. Made a poster, logo and a flyer for attracting more audience.
  1. Will start working on proper assessments, diet plans and follow-ups in a couple of days.
  • Getting in touch with more and more people and convincing them by showing our progress
  • Updating the social media pages regularly
  • Working on more diet plans and follow-ups.




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